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How Epaynaija Referral System Works

Earn even more with Epaynaija Referral Commissions

Yes you can refer people to get juicy commissions on Epaynaija. We have different levels of referral commissions. Levels 1-5. With 1 having the highest percentage of commission. Direct referrals get level 1 commission while indirect referral gets level 2, 3, 4 or 5 commissions. ie; if your direct referral refers someone you get level 4 referral commission and if your level 4 referral refers someone you get level 3 referral commission and so on.

You can find your referral link on your Dashboard >> Referral or click the following link to see and copy your referral link: https://epaynaija.cash/user/referral

Level 1 = 5% Referral commission
Level 2 = 4% Referral commission
Level 3 = 3% Referral commission
Level 4 = 2% Referral commission
Level 5 = 1% Referral commission

NB: Level 1 has the highest percentage because it is your direct referral commission. You do not have control over the other levels as those are indirect referrals ie: referral from your direct referral.