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List of Frequently Asked Questions from our users

Our system is built such that you can invest any amount. All you need to do is enter any amount you want to invest starting from as low as ₦2,000.

Recommitment simply means making an upfront (another) investment before making your withdrawal. This is necessary to ensure that no User withdraws money from the programme and refuses to continue. As continuity of users Investing in Epaynaija will lead to Unlimited funds entering into the system, hence covering up for all withdrawals made on the platform.

You can recommit by investing the same amount you invested or a higher amount. You will be assigned to pay it as usual. After your payment is confirmed, you will then be qualified to withdraw your first Investment.

You will get your money back in 2 days. If you invest in BTC, you will get your money back in 4 days.

Yes you can refer people to get juicy commissions. We have different levels of referral commissions. Levels 1-5. With 1 having the highest percentage of commission. Direct referrals get level 1 commission while indirect referral gets level 2, 3, 4 or 5 commissions. ie; if your direct referral refers someone you get level 4 referral commission and if your level 4 referral refers someone you get level 3 referral commission and so on.

Level 1 = 5% Referral commission
Level 2 = 4% Referral commission
Level 3 = 3% Referral commission
Level 4 = 2% Referral commission
Level 5 = 1% Referral commission