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How it Works

Our system is easy and straight forward. All you need to do is signup and invest any amount of your choice and wait to get merged. As soon as your investment is complete, you will earn your first profit of 50% interest in 2 days.


We offer the best and easiest investment options! All you need to do is enter any amount you want to invest from as low as ₦2,000 and wait to get merged.


Yes! our system comes with a Re-commitment feature. This is our way to ensure the system keeps on running. Check dashboard after signup for more info about Re-commitment.


We provide you with the easiest way to withdraw your money from the system after you have completed your investment. You will receive the money directly to your Bank account or BTC Address!

Our Features

We offer a host of other features to make our platform serve you better

Referral Bonus

Enjoy up to 5% Bonus on referrals. We have different percentages at different levels.


You can also invest and receive 50% Interest in Bitcoin within 5 days.


We offer 24/7 support to handle your requests and feedback.

What Some of our users say

Check out testimonials from some Epaynaija users

Best investment platform. Paid me and works well.

Abdul Umar

I like this platform. Easy and sure investment. I had my doubts but after trying i can comfortably recommend them.

Abiola Kazeem

I wish more people can know of this great platform. It has helped me in so many ways.

Faith Chinasa

Frequently Asked Questions

List of Frequently Asked Questions from our users

Our system is built such that you can invest any amount. All you need to do is enter any amount you want to invest starting from as low as ₦2,000.

Recommitment simply means making an upfront (another) investment before making your withdrawal. This is necessary to ensure that no User withdraws money from the programme and refuses to continue. As continuity of users Investing in Epaynaija will lead to Unlimited funds entering into the system, hence covering up for all withdrawals made on the platform.

You can recommit by investing the same amount you invested or a higher amount. You will be assigned to pay it as usual. After your payment is confirmed, you will then be qualified to withdraw your first Investment.

You will get your money back in 2 days. If you invest in BTC, you will get your money back in 4 days.

Yes you can refer people to get juicy commissions. We have different levels of referral commissions. Levels 1-5. With 1 having the highest percentage of commission. Direct referrals get level 1 commission while indirect referral gets level 2, 3, 4 or 5 commissions. ie; if your direct referral refers someone you get level 4 referral commission and if your level 4 referral refers someone you get level 3 referral commission and so on.

Level 1 = 5% Referral commission
Level 2 = 4% Referral commission
Level 3 = 3% Referral commission
Level 4 = 2% Referral commission
Level 5 = 1% Referral commission